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In their advertising, businesses nowadays usually emphasize that their products are new in some way. Why is this? Do you think it is a positive development or negative development? Nowadays, most of the manufacturers emphasize that their products are upto-date in their advertising. In my idea, there are several reasons behind that phenomenon but I think one of the most significant ones can be that they seek/want to persuade their customers to buy their products. Also, I believe that it is a positive development because it can bring employment to the society. One of the most important reasons why businesses highlight their new features of their products in advertisement in my opinion can be that they want to encourage/entice their clients to buy them. It means that they attempt to persuade people with new products. For instance, Apple company every year introduces their new smart phones through the media to people and highlight their new characteristics of these smart phones. So, although their customers have already mobiles phones they get persuaded to purchase new onesmobile phones. Therefore, manufactures introduce their new products in advertisements because they can entice people to buy their products. I believe that emphasizing on their new products has advantageous points. This is because it brings job opportunities for individuals. In other words, in order to advertise their new things goods/commodities companies that produce new productsthem they need a large amount number of employees and they have to recruit new staffs for each sectors. For example, manufactures in all over the world, for each part they want to do, need specialized employees. A salient example can be Apple company, they which need more staffs to plan and design advertisements and also release their new products. Thus, it has advantages for individuals because they can find jobs. To conclude, after analyzing what has been elaborated above, the reason why businesses introduce their new features of their products in my opinion is to attract clients/create loyalty. This trend seems positive to me as it can create jobs.

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