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Kamal Sadeghi Some people think that there should be some strict controls about noises. Other think that they could just make as much as noise they want. Discuss both views and give your opinion. People have different views about the problem of noises that should be controled and limited or let others free to do it. I would say that people have the right to show this kind of emotions as they want to do. Sabaitc.com To begin with, for several reasons some commentators say that loud noises should be controled by producers. Firstly, in hospitals and some houses there are some people who are struggling encountered with problematic health issues, . consequently, they need rest in a quiet and relaxing/ed atmosphere in search of recovery. Another reason would be those citizens who need to concentrate on their work or lessons, . for example, some students who need towho have to focus on their lessons, which needs a quiet site to pass exams that leads to a good result. However, some justifiably believe that people sometimes have the right to make noises that they want to do, and I have the same believe belief with as them. Producing noises sometimes is a kind of positive motivation that some individuals like. For instance, cheering from the football fans or singing at clubs or at houses in is one of the interesting favorites for certain individuals/some guys. Furthermore, it is undeniable that in modern life man has found various ways to deal with the problem of loud voices. There are some inventions including insulation materials for doors, windows, walls, and roofs, which can reduce these noises completelymarkedly. In conclusion, although there are some reasons that extra loud noises may bother some people, I completely believe that people have the right to produce/makedo noises that they want to do and those who feel bothered can use technological methods, which were mentioned above to reduce these voices/noises.

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