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Some people take a year off between school and university, to work or to travel. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages? Some individuals would rather take a year off between school and tertiary education in order to travel or work. I partly align with this notion because its benefits surpass its disadvantages, albeit it cannot ring true for whole cases. On the one hand, if were students are in jobs or on a journey, they could be more seasoned alongside their peers and counterparts. To exemplify, they are supposed to communicate with other people which could lead to learning more and more in with regard to their communication and accountability whether in at work or in on a trip, in turn, they get to know how to deal with money and how to accomplish their tasks according to what others anticipate as well as what they are fond of. As a whole, their attitudes and personality are going to be modified or tempered. On the flip side, some say in some cases, an interval between study could back fire on students. Only when they are among inappropriate jobs or dishonest people could they their interest evaporate their interest toward further education. According to them, Those aforementioned jobs and people can indoctrinate students’ mind by not wasting their time in university or higher education which belongs to incompetent people. Needless to say, their peer pressure can put a strain on them and change their trajectory in the wrong direction. To summarize, if they are resolute and determined, they students who pause their education for a year are less likely to be influenced by others even if they are in a destructive atmosphere and can benefit from any virtues of jobs and travel.

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