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Some people believe that immigrants should learn about the culture of the country that they immigrate to. Do you agree or disagree? Some individuals, think that newcomers should know about the social mores of the host country they immigrate to. I personally agree with this viewpoint, because it helps immigrants fit in with local community and also it allows local people to keep a harmonious society. Firstly, Individuals who knowing about the social standards of the host country can help them blend in with the local community. It means that, if newcomers learned about the culture of the community that they were enter into it would prevent them from stand out of societythe societies. For example, in the Middle east, people keep a shorter social distance in their formal meeting and they kiss each other when they want to greet, when they immigrate to the Western, this a small social distance is considered offensive in Western societiesthere. Therefore, in order to fit in with Western communities, and not stand out of the crowd, it is better to learn about their culture and keep a distance and avoid kissing. Secondly, respecting the customs of the country they go to it allows local people to keep a harmonious community. This is because, newcomers act in the a way that most people behave. For instance, most Indian people tend to wear religious/modest/revealing clothing and when Europeans enter to India their country they cannot wear tops and shorts. Thus, people who immigrate should learn about the traditions of the country they want to go to which causes/lead to/bring peace in the host country. To conclude, after analyzing what has been elaborated above, I believe that immigrants should know about the social customs of the host country they immigrate to, because it prevents them from being lonely or rejected and also brings peace to society and stay keep them away from them to stress and anxiety. Since the number of immigrate around the world is increasing every day, it would be best if they were aware of the advantageous advantages of knowing about the local community culture.

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