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As the population of the world is growing very quickly, the only long-term solution to the problem of overpopulation is for humans to settle in other planets. What benefits has the world got from space exploration? Do you think humans will ever live on other planets? In this day and age, finding new resources for living is a main issue which most of the countries are dealing with. Some countries have offered a multitude of solutions for this issue one of which is to meet our needs from other planets. In the First place, mankind has a question such as “what’s going on other planets?” or “can we go there someday?” It shows that willingness tofor finding new planets has been the dream of people for several years. I opine that, space research leads to achieving state-of-the-art technologies which in turn brings about high standard of living of human beings. For instance, new ways to of storing food or producing materials which have high resistance against the heat and frost. In addition, the space exploration may reveal new resources for our planet which can be accessible in distant future. For example, the Moon has water, the basic resource for people’s survival, and it abounds in solar energy which is a clean source of energy, so I think the investment in space exploration can be paid off someday in the future. However, some people suggest that government funding should be diverted toward improving the living standard of ordinary people instead of space research. Besides, in an optimistic approach, there is a possibility to connect with other creatures from outer space by which we will exploit and learning novel technologies. This will be useful for all the people of the world, even though Space travel requires a huge amounts of money and significant investment which only some governments can overcomeafford. So overall, I believe that time is ticking away for our planet, so any solutions to the space research will take some time to achieve and this will not happen in the near future.

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