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As countries develop, more and more people buy and use their own cars. Do the advantages for individuals outweigh the disadvantages for the environment? In recent years, there is a big controversy surrounding the issue about/as to whether the favorable features of consumption of a large number of cars for individuals in developed countries could overshadow detrimental effects of them on the environments or not. I believe that using more cars in developed countries could have an array of merits for users although its catastrophic results on the Earth would be more than its benefits. It is universally accepted that with the increasing increase inof the number of cars in streets, on the one hand, could lead to several dire consequences for our the planet. The most significant of its impacts would be the percentage of exhausted fumes would raiserise, so people will would witness a cloud of air pollution in the sky of cities. This would mean that not only might our environments be put under severe tension but also ecosystems would be upset. In doing so, in the long run it results in people who live in these countries suffering from some diseases which are include asthma, diabetes, and respiratory complications, just to name a few. It is true that buying vehicles, however, could have some advantages for those who use their cars. The most obvious benefit could be that they commute to their workplace without standing in a long queue of some public transport. This is because they would leave their offices or homes at their convenient time when the traffic is less. If so, they feel comfortable and such a condition would provide them with an opportunity to have a better performance at their workplaces. With aforesaid explanations, gradually, people would find themselves calm and patient in their society. To sum up, regarding the debate surrounding the plus points of using more cars in developed countries would outnumbering the drawbacks effects of them on the environments, I suppose it could not outweigh the fiascos immense impacts on the environments. From my point of view, a trade-off between both the number of cars that people use and control of the air quality would be essential to be considered in the developed countries.

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