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Television In today's modern world, television is one of the most important devices. aAs with everything every thing there are advantages and tis disadvantages with the television. The first advantage is, television's ability in letting us know to known the news as it happens. tThe second (secend) one is it has information available for viewing. the third of advantages, is that it can help to see all of countries and places of interested (intersted). However,/But one of the disadvantages is the amount of time of watching television which causes obesity and they will be fat. the second one of disadvantage is that the children and teenagers watch programs that are unsuitable for them. But my idea is, that television is a good device and we can use it on at suitable times with planning,. and we can check (chek) and control TV channels (chanel) when the children are watching TV until they (thay) can understand what does it is good and what is does it bad. Afarin

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