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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Television has had a mostly positive effect on society. Use specific reasons and examples to support your idea. It is incontrovertibly axiomatic that television has extreme influence on our lives; whether or not its effects are positive is a controversial issue. Without any shadow of doubt, some TV programs can ruin children's morality, and as a negative side effect, can increase the rate of obesity in society. However, I firmly believe that these losses are preventable, so we should not n't deprive ourselves of a useful source of information and a great deal of/lots of fun which are accessible just by turning on the TV. First and foremost, you can easily find so much information, knowledge and experience throughout the news, educational programs, academic talks and documentaries which are available on in your own TV. For example, you might never have enough time or money to go to African natural parks in order to investigate some materials that you need, but it is possible with TV programs. You also can be always up‐to‐date by the news about the different places in the world, some of which help you to decide for deciding about your financial issues like stock market, and some other news which inform you about the weather. Last but not least, there are so many entertainment programs which are cheaper than going to movies, concerts and sporting events. You do not have not to get dressed and go out and suffer too much traffic problems such as noise and pollution. In other words, you can watch a live football match or other important games like Olympics from different angles throughout different cameras when you are easily sitting on your comfortable sofa, or you can watch your favorite movie or TV series together with your family in a peaceful environment. Not to mention that how amazing are televised games are . TV fun programs can always keep us amusing. To put it in a nutshell, Bbarely can you find parents who don't care about their kids, so with by an appropriate schedule parents can save their children's from TV disadvantages. By distinguishing inappropriate programs and advertisements, and omitting them from our schedule, it can be concluded that television not only entertains us, but also can play the role rule of a teacher that is always available to introduce new technologies and inform us of different info from all over the world. Vahid Kh.

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