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Today the internet has become a priority for a large number of people seeking to socialize with their relatives as well as attaining data with regards to whatever they want to know. However, there are two separate opinions about these pros. First of all, some maintain that the internet, in fact social networks, are the most suitable way of keeping in touch with our family and friends in this rapidly changing world. In stark contrast, another group of experts argue that although we can utilize the benefits which the internet offers, it can be obviously observed that the knowledge that is extracted from the internet is not as reliable as that of reference and serious books. To begin with, the former group state that social networks such as Facebook Book, Twitter and Instagram are conducive conductive to molding the shape of our lives. Nowadays, we communicate with each other without being concerned about concerning distances. This opportunity not only impacts on our private relationships, but also can develop thrive technological businesses. For instance, contracting a new project, managers can attend the conferences in a non‐virtual space without getting tired of travelling under any no circumstances. On the other hand, easier more easily access to a large amount of information unlimitedly creates emerges a strong tendency among people to search for all of their questions on the internet while they do not know the exact references of that data. In other words, relying on information which is disseminated/released/ broadcasted on the internet is a threat for the total level of knowledge among people all over the world. Indeed, data that is perceived as a factual source, may convey false information which can result in hazardous consequences. To make an example, the number of people who are hurt by self‐treating depending on online medical texts has have been boomed recently. To put it in a nutshell, the internet has gifted us with a lot of opportunities to be connected to the world, though sometimes it's its dangers outnumber its it's benefits

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