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Do you agree or disagree: successful people try new things and take risks rather than only doing what they know to do well. Successful people, as we all have probably heard and no one can really underestimate, not only believed that takinge risks can be expand individuals' horizons for creating new things, but also they are not don't afraid of takinge risks. Chiefly, people may have contradictory ive views whether to try to take risks or doing what they are know about it better, psychologists points out, it is advisable for individuals' to take le risks because of the fact that risks can provide a suitable ground for achieving and finding some new ways that no one can still any one still can't obtain. Initially, I would prefer to say a word about more creativity as one of the privileges of taking risks. Moreover, those ese who are interested in taking risks often tend to look at the full half of the glass. They believe that when you try some new things it can make a fuandaumental contribution to improve your mind and your skills. As an illustration, to clarify this issue I would like to cite refer an example. Imagine a person who always tests new applications to design the projects plan, it is clear that the person can have experienced a lot of new skills es and ways. In addition, I would rather assert about one of the advantages of taking e risks in an individual's as' life. Takinge risks, can play a vitally taly significant role in testing every person's chance. Besides, it can pave the way for the best and biggest decisions. Those who are in favor of trying new things usually tend to look at the bright side of this argument. They claim that fear is the mainspring of every failure failers in today's society aty, so that you we can have a successful life by ignoring our fears and taking risks easily. To conclude, in the final analysis, having considered this matter in details, from different aspects, and having regarded all the above‐mentioned we can make this conclusion that takinge risk leads people to improve and can have a deep impact on learning some new skills.

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