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Nowadays there is a trend of rapid increase in already excessive use of natural resources such as oil, forest and fresh water. What dangers does it bring? What are the possible solutions to address these issues? In recent years the scale of using energy has significantly grown and what is important is that natural resources like oil, forest and water are used up at an astonishing rate. remarkably were used. It seems we must be well aware of the consequence of such use. There are numerous global issues such as poverty, war, and earthquake as well as using natural resources. The latter is absolutely crucial due to its consequences. For instance, forests are the biggest natural resource and a wide range of animals are living there. Logging, however, has damaged kilometers of forests a huge kilometers of forest and not only does were a number of animals were killed, and diapered but also it has had an enormous effect on the atmosphere. Furthermore, according to the weather forecasts, the earth temperature of earth has have been rising warming every year. With safer and endless alternative safer and endless energy sources such as wind and solar ones we can save oil and water. In addition, next generation needs a clean environment and natural energy, thus investment in on unlimited energy is a global issue rather than national ones. For instance Africa and Canada have wider deserts and windy cities respectively. Also with technical equipments which can convert such energy to useable ones we can keep other resources. Moreover, according to evidence time is ticking away for our planet because of drought. The level of water in 2015 was less thanthat ever across the world and in some countries like India and Iraq more than ten million of people died as a result of drought. were died. To sum some up, when it comes to global issues every country should be willing to cooperate and helps to keep earth clean.

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